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What is the difference between the templates?
The difference between the templates is the layout of the site. They all have a different booking experience & and showcase your properties differently.

Can I use my existing domain name? What do I need to do?
You can use your existing domain name. We would need to do 301 redirects prior to your site going live. The 301 redirects are done so that you do not lose any of you SEO on your existing domain. After the 301 redirects are complete, we would change the IP address to ours and the site can go live!

Can I replace the Blog page with another page?
You may replace the blog page with another page. Any additional custom pages would cost $100 per page.

Will you be hosting the site?
Yes! We host your site on our NS1 servers. Your domain and settings are not hosted by us. This is going to be provided by your registrar (such as Go-daddy).

How long does it take to build the website?
The deluxe websites take approximately 6 – 8 weeks to complete (once all content has been provided by you). This is to ensure that everything requested is complete and that there are no malfunctions once the site goes live.

What if I want a website built faster. Can I pay to expedite the process?
To be fair to all of our clients, we build websites in the order that content is received. The best way to get your website built in a timely manner is to send all content requested on the form and to submit all of the content at the same time.

What if I want you to make changes to the template/website after I have completed the online form and submitted my content and gone live?
Once your site is deemed complete and live, any updates or requests are deemed chargeable at a rate of $100 an hour.

What changes can I make to the site myself after the site is built? Can I get access to the code?
Once the site is complete you can request access to the code by signing the Website Release Form. This form states that you have access to the HTML / CSS code. You will be responsible for making sure not to break anything in the code. Any assistance from us to repair the code after your modifications will be billed hourly.

How do I add video to my site?
You may add video to some of the templates we offer. Please visit to view the optional videos. Please send us the file number of the video you would like from the adobe website. A one-time licensing fee will apply to each video used. The fee will be listed on the adobe website and will be invoiced on your ciirus account. If you do have your own video that you would like to provide to us, please make sure that it is in the MP4 / MOV format. The video dimension will need to be 1920 x 1080. The video must not exceed 20 seconds.

Can I add my own images to the site?
Yes, if you would like to use your own images please send us the images either through email or a drop box link.

Any requirements for my logo for the site?
Yes, please send your logo in PNG format so that it does not have a white background on the site. What if I don’t like any of the templates and want you to build me a site? How much will it cost? How long would it take? We do offer the option to have a custom website built. Custom built websites typically cost between $7,500 to $10,000 (depending on the complexity of the website). The time needed for building a custom-built website can vary greatly depending on the complexity of the website. Please email for more information about custom built websites.

What if I want to use my existing site?
You will need to connect to our API in order to use your existing website. It is highly recommended that you obtain a highly proficient web programmer to complete this complex task for you. We do have a procedure that must be followed to complete this task. Please let us know if you are interested in connecting via our API. Another option is to keep your existing website but link your booking page to the ciirus built template site.

What if I want to hire someone to use one of your templates to build me a site?
You would need to sign a release form and would be provided the code. The site would be deemed complete on our end. We do offer a 1-hour training course (explaining the code). This course would cost $100. What if you build me a template site and I want a different template after it is built/live? Once the site is deemed complete and has gone live you, may request to purchase another template design. Please contact web development for pricing information.

What is a SSL and should I add this to my site?
A SSL is a standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a server and a client, meaning this will allow your guest to stay on the booking page while they are paying. An SSL is required if you will be using eCiiGN . You would need to purchase the SSL from a third party company.

How can I add locations to my site?
This feature is used if you have properties in different locations (different country, state, city or community) and would like to allow the customer to filter for this information. This is something that is modified through your ciirus account. In your ciirus account please click on Website & Marketing > General Settings > Advanced Setting > Location Editor. This video also explains these steps:

On the form I see that it asks what color I would like to use, where is the color applied to?
This for the “Accent Colors” of your site. For example, the buttons on the site, the search bar etc. We can either take the colors from your logo or if you would like to provide another color here is the link to choose the color code : Just send us the color code # of the color and we will be happy to implement this on the site.

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